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Our Team

Mr. Ram Gopal Shiwakoti
Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Bijay Lall Shrestha
Technical Manager

Er. Surya Nath Bhurtyal
Project Manager

Mr. Ram Prasad Silwal
Chief Planning & Contract Administration

Mr. Sandeep Joshi
Assistant Manager Mechanical

Mr. Tika Datta Dhakal
Chief Finance Officer

Mr. Sushil Dhungana
Sr. Civil Engineer

Mr. Bishnu Nabin Deep BC
Sr. Civil Engineer

Mr. Kamal Pandit
Sr. Human Resource Officer

Ms. Sange Lamu Lama
Civil Engineer

Mr.Sandeep Bhattarai
Mechanical Engineer

Mr. Santosh Humagain
Electrical Engineer

Mr. Ramchandra Shrestha
Electrical Engineer

Miss. Surakshya Lama
Electrical Engineer

Mr. Arun Neupane
Account Officer

Mr. Bimal Khakurel
IT Engineer

Mr. Aman Thapa
Environmental Officer

Mr. Ram Raj Raya
Administrative Officer

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